The world's a masquerade.

In this blog I'll probably be posting pictures I take, blog about my daily life, and reblog some things. I have another tumblr blog, which I use more for reblogging everything I see that I adore, but with this one, I'll be more picky.

I love singing, to read, and to sometimes write poems (whenever inspiration stops by). I also sometimes fangirl, but I'll use my other blog for that.
I love a lot of different bands and artists, which might pop up on this blog occasionaly. Um.. Yeah. Not particulary good at writing descriptions.
Oh, and all the pictures I post are probably my photos, unless I write otherwise. So I would very much appreciate if no one takes them, or uses them without my permission. Please, and thank you! Okey, bye!!


Well… Today is tumblr prom. And, yes, I will be taking Riker Lynch’s tumblr post serious, as otherwise I’ll be alone at prom. So, yeah. One of RikerR5’s 13 579 dates, wooo!. So… I guess we’ll all like form this huge group on the dancefloor, and it’ll be like a dancecircle? I don’t know. Anyways, uh, yeah. Prom, yay!

 Reblogging as this is my other blog, uh yeah.

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Who says you can’t have 13,579 dates to the tumblr prom? :D


\o/ haha

Reblogging again, as I managed to delete it. #fail 

What I posted: “Well, then. Wanna be my tumblr prom date? I might go with Emilie as well, though. But, yeah. Wanna be my date to tumblr prom?” There.

Wow, you’re gonna get tagged in a lot of photos of people in their prom attire, ahhaa. :D 

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