The world's a masquerade.

In this blog I'll probably be posting pictures I take, blog about my daily life, and reblog some things. I have another tumblr blog, which I use more for reblogging everything I see that I adore, but with this one, I'll be more picky.

I love singing, to read, and to sometimes write poems (whenever inspiration stops by). I also sometimes fangirl, but I'll use my other blog for that.
I love a lot of different bands and artists, which might pop up on this blog occasionaly. Um.. Yeah. Not particulary good at writing descriptions.
Oh, and all the pictures I post are probably my photos, unless I write otherwise. So I would very much appreciate if no one takes them, or uses them without my permission. Please, and thank you! Okey, bye!!

Who says you can’t have 13,579 dates to the tumblr prom? :D


\o/ haha

Reblogging again, as I managed to delete it. #fail 

What I posted: “Well, then. Wanna be my tumblr prom date? I might go with Emilie as well, though. But, yeah. Wanna be my date to tumblr prom?” There.

Wow, you’re gonna get tagged in a lot of photos of people in their prom attire, ahhaa. :D 

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