The world's a masquerade.

In this blog I'll probably be posting pictures I take, blog about my daily life, and reblog some things. I have another tumblr blog, which I use more for reblogging everything I see that I adore, but with this one, I'll be more picky.

I love singing, to read, and to sometimes write poems (whenever inspiration stops by). I also sometimes fangirl, but I'll use my other blog for that.
I love a lot of different bands and artists, which might pop up on this blog occasionaly. Um.. Yeah. Not particulary good at writing descriptions.
Oh, and all the pictures I post are probably my photos, unless I write otherwise. So I would very much appreciate if no one takes them, or uses them without my permission. Please, and thank you! Okey, bye!!

In the hallway.

  • Teacher: Have you guys heard of fresh air?
  • Me: Is that an app?
  • Mina: *laughing her head off*

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